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Foxconn would be filling the opening of a factory in the U.S.

It seems that little by little the order of the current president of the United States begins to materialize, since Foxconn would be about to establish a factory in the American country.

Foxconn one of the big technology manufacturers

The Taiwanese company is responsible for manufacturing devices for large companies such as Amazon (Kindle), Sony (PlayStation 4), Microsoft (Xbox 360), GoPro and of course Apple . Although the company is associated with China, it has factories in Brazil , Hungary , Slovakia , Czech Republic , India , Malaysia and Mexico , and it seems that a new factory will soon open in the United States .

Foxconn would be filling the opening of a factory in the U.S.Foxconn would be filling the opening of a factory in the U.S.

Foxconn employees

An arrival expected by many

Since the arrival of Donald Trump , many have accompanied the President’s request that those U.S. companies that manufacture their products outside the country take all possible actions to bring that production into the country .
It seems that this request would be close to being fulfilled. A few months ago, we learned details of a meeting between Donald Trump and the CEO of Foxconn , which seems to be on the right track. At least that is what an internal company source says.
Donald Trump himself said during his visit to Milwaukee that:

The location of the factory is not yet confirmed, but from Trump’s comments we can assume that Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin , would be the city of choice.

A few months ago, Foxconn was very interested in investing $7 billion in conjunction with Apple to manufacture screens in the United States.

Tim Cook with Foxconn employees

An inevitable price increase?

Terry Gou, founder and president of Foxconn spoke about the prices of products manufactured in the United States, assuring that

And it is precisely the increase in the manufacturing cost of the product that will bring about an increase in the final price of the product, which will be passed on to the user . And this is where the doubts of this proposal arise.

If Apple does not want to harm its sales with a substantial increase in the products manufactured in the United States, will have to make an adjustment in its costs and a negotiation with the manufacturers to be able to maintain the current price of the products.

For the moment, these are still only rumours, but everything seems to indicate that the negotiations are still going on.

Tell us what you think, do you think that by manufacturing in the United States, Apple products will be more expensive?

Source: Wisconsin State Journal