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Foxconn will take care of the iPhone camera lenses

The rumor increases as the months go by, it’s only been four months since the iPhone 7 was introduced and the rumor about the iPhone 7s or 8 is about to break records. We are getting more information in four months than in a year of rumors from other iPhones.

Foxconn will take care of the iPhone camera lenses
Foxconn will take care of the iPhone camera lenses

This globalization of information, which is becoming increasingly accurate, few rumors do not become reality – removing those that seem mere illusions – makes us think months in advance of how the next terminal will be. Today we are talking about Foxconn and its expansion into the iPhone manufacturing range .

Foxconn wants to make the iPhone from top to bottom

Apparently, Sharp, owned by Foxconn, is going to increase his investment in a company in charge of manufacturing lenses . With this investment, Foxconn seeks to increase Apple’s demand in the manufacture of lenses by the Chinese company.

Sharp’s president, Tai Jeng-wu, has sent a letter to employees telling them that the company will vertically integrate its camera module manufacturing business . This will be done through investments and purchases in factories and equipment in order to be able to excel in the manufacture of these components.

Currently, Sharp owns 44% of the shares of the company in charge of manufacturing lenses : Kantatsu. Kantatsu is expected to provide Apple with equipment upgrades earlier this year, in order to improve its position in responding to manufacturing orders from Cupertino.

Foxconn is the manufacturing company par excellence chosen by Apple to assemble their iPhone. With the purchase of Sharp, Foxconn hopes to increase its presence in the iPhone manufacturing process.

Samsung will take care of the screens

Samsung is expected to take over the manufacture of the OLED displays of Apple’s third terminal of the year 2017 , as the company is expected to launch 3 models of iPhone this year. Only one with OLED screen.


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