Foxconn prepares for a ‘more complex’ assembly


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It is already taken for granted that the iPhone 7 will be a model that will debut hardware design as has been the tradition at Apple when it ‘jumps’ in number on models. Among the expected innovations, as you know, is the alleged disappearance of the headphone jack, as well as a double camera to significantly improve focus.

Foxconn prepares for a ‘more complex’ assembly
Foxconn prepares for a ‘more complex’ assembly

Well, it seems that these changes in the team’s chassis will pose a considerable challenge for the assembly line that would have already started to hire staff to arrive in time for the launch.

In this sense, Foxconn would have advanced by one month with respect to the previous models, the hiring of personnel for the assembly line dedicated to the iPhone in its factories, and it is rumored that this measure has been adopted due to the complexity of this new format.

It was CNBC that discovered the announcement on Foxconn’s website requesting a large number of workers between 18 and 40 years old to “work immediately” . Such is the urgency that in the announcement itself candidates are urged to send their CVs as soon as possible and it warns that the telephone number available for this position is saturated, since “many applications are received” .

Foxconn is not the only manufacturer that has brought forward the hiring of employees: Pegatron , another old acquaintance on the Apple assembly line, has done the same . Why is the assembly of the new iPhone ahead of schedule by one month compared to previous versions?

Economic Daily News argues that this is because the terminal has a “more complex” design than previous models, and component manufacturers need more time to process it. On the other hand and according to this source, more time would also be needed for the formation of the assembly line. All the rumours point to the device being introduced and launched in September :


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