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Foxconn offers $27 billion for Toshiba’s storage business

The world of technology is very complex, as well as that of business, where in many cases investments and bets on the future determine the future of a company . The news is constant that a big fish eats a small fish, either because it acquires it, because it takes over the majority of its shares, or because it fights it. Or also because it acquires important parts of its business. This seems to be the case of Foxconn that would have offered around 27 billion dollars for Toshiba’s storage business .

Foxconn makes an exorbitant offer of $27 billion to Toshiba to take over its storage business

Rumours are that Apple manufacturer Foxconn has made a big offer for Toshiba’s NAND storage drive . According to these rumors Foxconn has this week offered 27 billion dollars, a considerably higher offer than the one previously offered by companies like Broadcom. Last week, it was reported that Apple was among the companies involved in a “bidding war” for Toshiba’s storage business.

An investment bet that would result in a future profit for Apple

Foxconn offers $27 billion for Toshiba’s storage businessFoxconn offers $27 billion for Toshiba’s storage business

This move by Foxconn to acquire Toshiba’s NAND unit would give the company an advantage over Samsung , which is currently one of the most important players in the NAND market. The move would allow Apple to further reduce its dependence on other companies and bring some of its NAND flash needs to the company. Foxconn’s interest in Toshiba’s NAND business comes after its separate acquisition of Sharp for about $3.5 billion. Owning Sharp’s display business and Toshiba’s NAND business would give Foxconn a strong position for future dealings with Apple.

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