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Foxconn May Have Stopped Production of iPhone 5c

Foxconn May Have Stopped Production of iPhone 5c and Increased Production of iPhone 5s

We’ve heard several times that Apple is changing its production to match the sales of its products. We don’t know how, how much, or where the iPhone 5c sells, but we do know that the 5s sells a lot, a lot. There are several sources that talked about Apple trying to hire new assemblers for its products or changing the work being done in one factory or another.

Now, according to unknown sources, the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou town has stopped production of the colored model of Apple’s iPhone . It seems that the stock of the iPhone 5c is beginning to be sufficient for the existing demand and Apple wants to allocate all possible resources to increase the production rate of the 5s.

Foxconn May Have Stopped Production of iPhone 5c
Foxconn May Have Stopped Production of iPhone 5c

Previously, we told you that Apple manufactures approximately 300,000 units per day of each model of iPhone. If the “s” range sells better than the “c” range, why not vary the number of units produced? It would not be more logical to produce 150,000 of the 5c and 450,000 units of the Cupertino’s flagship model. It seems to me that it would.

Pegatron will continue to manufacture the iPhone 5c and Foxconn will produce the iPhone 5s

While Foxconn has not wanted to talk about it, the source does suggest that Apple is not selling the units it had in mind and that, therefore, production is being reduced. Despite this statement, Foxconn only assembles 30% of the production of the iPhone 5c and Pegatron the remaining 70% . This means that the Foxconn factory that has supposedly stopped production of the “low cost” model would only produce about 20,000 units per day, so, if we compare it to the total production, it is very little.

No doubt, at least I’m getting a little tired of hearing the same story all the time. The “hated” iPhone 5c will probably catch up with the sales of Samsung’s flagship model, the Galaxy S4. Have you heard 1,000 times that Samsung doesn’t sell, that it’s been a failure and other opinions about it? At least in my case, the answer is negative and that’s why I find it hard to believe that the 5c is as big a failure as they want to make us see . It may not have been the goose that laid the golden eggs, but of course Apple is selling many units of the terminal; less than 5s, but many after all.

If it is true that, for 100 euros more you have the best iPhone that has ever existed, but the 5c is not a bad product, not at all. This move is probably just one more of those expected in the coming months since, as we are reminded from iPhone in Canada and already published here, Apple would have hired two new companies to increase the production of its successful devices. Don’t you think Apple should make a statement about this?

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