Foxconn and Sharp to Make Displays for Upcoming iPhone and iPad

Foxconn and Sharp would be in charge of manufacturing screens for the next iPad and iPhone

Apple continues to plan its changes in suppliers and manufacturers of parts for its devices and the latest rumour is that Cupertino could entrust the manufacture of screens to Sharp and Foxconn . This way they would be taking away from Samsung a big part of the current orders for iPad screens, for example.

The legal disputes between Apple and Samsung are not only about patents, dimes and diretes and possible plagiarism of each other, but Apple wants to cut off all relations with the South Koreans as they feel they can do more harm to them in this way. Samsung is currently the manufacturer of 60-70% of iPad screens and most of the processors .

Foxconn and Sharp to Make Displays for Upcoming iPhone and iPad
Foxconn and Sharp to Make Displays for Upcoming iPhone and iPad

As you can imagine, this gives Samsung not only a position of power, since if Apple does not meet the orders it would lose many sales due to stock-outs, but also billions of euros in profit. That’s why Apple has been planning and making changes for some time now to put Samsung out of business .

We’ve been hearing about these changes for a while, but the latest news we have, which obviously hasn’t been confirmed by anyone, is that Sharp and Foxconn could take over the screen manufacturing of the next iOS devices . This would mean that perhaps the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini Retina 2 or even the iPhone 6 could be partly manufactured by these companies.

Apple wants to move Samsung off the production line

Sharp is currently one of the manufacturers of displays for devices such as the Apple iPad Mini Retina or the iPad Air, but are not able to produce everything that Cupertino’s company needs. And that is the main problem of Apple, that not many suppliers can offer you everything you need.

Therefore, despite Apple’s attempts, I personally think that they are doomed to get along with their South Korean archenemy to continue to meet the demand of more than 30 million iPhones quarterly . The same goes for the iPad, as long as Sharp, LG or the others are not able to manufacture what is needed, Samsung will have a piece of the pie.

On the other hand, I find it strange that Apple wants to give Foxconn more prominence after they have been splashed with rumours and news of child exploitation or abusive conditions for their workers on numerous occasions. It’s obviously Foxconn’s problem, but that has repercussions on Apple’s corporate image.

In the meantime, as they say from AppAdvice, all this is nothing but rumors that could be left in the water as the weeks go by . Let’s hope that Apple has everything tied up and gets down to business with its new products that we hope to see very soon.

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