Fourth iOS 11.1 Developer Beta Now Available

It’s been a little over a month since the day Apple officially launched iOS 11, all the while taking into account that they’ve been working on a road that has lasted no less than 10 beta phases since the beginning of summer, something never seen before in the Apple Bite. Shortly after the final release, the Californian firm released the iOS 11.1 beta while they were releasing regular iOS 11 updates to fix bugs. Today the fourth iOS 11.1 developer beta was released .

As we all know, there are two ways to get access to a test phase, being a developer or having registered in the public betas program, at the moment this last one is only for the first option since for the developers it comes a little earlier than in a public way. As always, you only need to go to the Developer Center and download the update there .

Fourth iOS 11.1 Developer Beta Now Available
Fourth iOS 11.1 Developer Beta Now Available

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This new beta phase doesn’t bring anything special, just new emoticons quite curious that we will see below in an image, some bug fixes without too much importance and the return of some features that we have had in previous versions . We can also find improvements in security as far as Wi-Fi connection is concerned, this may be something we don’t see, but it can save us from many problems when connected to a public connection.

Basically it seems that the purpose of this beta is that when it comes out officially it will be a mix between iOS 11 and 10 due to some features, as we mentioned before, from previous versions, a clear example of this is the 3D Touch Switcher app and other features we had in the previous operating system. In short, it can be something quite positive for users and Apple, but it is still a beta phase so we will see how it evolves for the future.

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