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Foursquare for iPhone debuts design for iOS 7


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Foursquare for iPhone debuts design for iOS 7
Foursquare for iPhone debuts design for iOS 7

Foursquare’s amazing. We were talking about it on Twitter recently and everyone was saying the same thing: it’s amazing how easily Foursquare redesigns its application – for the better – and adds great functionality. The truth is that has rarely failed in this regard.

They updated their interface some time ago and with the arrival of iOS 7 they simply adapted it a bit, but nothing more. Now comes the complete redesign with new features , to finally make discovering new places even easier.

The first thing the application will do again is let us know what we have of interest around us without taking the iPhone out of our pocket. Something similar to what I used to do when a friend was around. It will do a bit of a travel guide, showing us where it is worth spending money or where there are specials.

Every time we open the application it will show something different so that we never miss anything around us. For some time now Foursquare has been getting better and better, partly because of its algorithms, but mostly because of its users, who take pictures, leave great tips and vote for the best ones to finally be the most relevant.

Without a doubt, when I get to a new place it is the first application I open . The best thing is to see that a friend has already passed by and left you a tip , so it looks like it will be even better now.

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