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Foursquare for iPad is coming soon

There has been talk of this possibility for a long time now and it seems that they are finally ready for it. Foursquare has announced that its iOS app will soon be updated to support the iPad and iPad Mini .

Gowalla was the most direct competitor Foursquare ever had. When this competitor launched their iPad app, there was talk of Foursquare doing the same thing, but they’ve taken it slow and it’s not until now that they decide to announce their next arrival.

Foursquare for iPad is coming soon
Foursquare for iPad is coming soon

Apparently the reason why Foursquare has made this move now is that it was separated into two apps some time ago. Now that the check-in feature is isolated in the Swarm app, the Foursquare app for the iPad will be a sort of “guide” to establishments and points of interest that will be very useful for preparing trips or discovering establishments “from the couch” .

The idea is that users of this social network can browse all the registered establishments from the comfort of a large screen like the one on the iPad. The check-in feature will probably not be available, since it does not make much sense on a device like the iPad, that feature is focused on mobility, so it makes much more sense on the iPhone.

The exact release date of this iPad version of Foursquare is not yet known, but considering the bad situation the social network is going through, you should hurry up.

Will it work to stop the bleeding of users? Will it manage to reverse the situation and return to the path of growth? It certainly seems like a pretty difficult challenge, as Foursquare has been in freefall for quite a few months now. It’s up to you to see what happens and if you have any more surprises in store.

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