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Four names that were on the table to baptize the iPhone

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What if the iPhone wasn’t called iPhone? It’s hard to imagine, but Apple had some alternative names on the table that Ken Segall , author of the book Insanely Simple and one of the longest running advertisers with Steve Jobs and the apple company, has now brought out to share with us.

Remember that when the first iPhone was launched there was some controversy because Cisco had registered the IPHONE brand for its IP phone and although in the end both companies reached a collaboration agreement, someone could have ruled it out in favor of one of these four: Mobi, TriPod, TelePod or iPad .

  • Mobi was playing with the word “mobile” to define a creative and personal name according to Segall for a mobile device.
  • TriPod may not have been chosen, but it left its mark on the original iPhone presentation and its first ads. I remember as if it were yesterday the good old Steve Jobs repeating over and over what they had set out to do, a multi-touch iPod, a revolutionary phone, and an Internet-connected device, three functions that defined the iPhone.
  • TelePod is possibly the worst of the three names, but Apple thought it sounded like a futuristic twist on the word phone that also made clear its link to the iPod, the fashionable product that turned Apple into a mass phenomenon.
  • iPad, yes, iPad. This one looks familiar, doesn’t it? Jobs already revealed that Apple was working on a tablet before the phone, but they ended up giving the iPhone more priority on their roadmap.
Four names that were on the table to baptize the iPhone
Four names that were on the table to baptize the iPhone

Segall also mentions a fifth name, MicroMac, the computer you carry in your pocket, but this is only part of the presentation to try to “catch” the students and was never considered. I leave you with the video of Segall’s conference for the marketing department of the University of Arizona:


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