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Four must-have books for Apple lovers

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Ricky Fernandez

Four must-have books for Apple lovers
Four must-have books for Apple lovers

Posted on December 11, 2017 – 11:42

If you’re an Apple lover, we recommend four really interesting books about the history of the Mac, iPod, Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak.

The story of Apple is really fascinating, although sometimes, reality surpasses fiction and where sometimes, fiction is told as the official version.

Thanks to this book recommendation, you will know everything about the company that changed the world through its revolutionary products .

Revolution in Silicon Valley

This book is written by one of the parents of the Mac. Where he tells how the selection process was or how they describe it, those chosen by Steve Jobs to work on an exciting project with hardly any sleep.

It has a foreword by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and is accompanied by a series of unpublished photographs of the Mac process.

See Revolution in Silicon Valley

iWoz, from computer genius to cult icon

Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple. An engineer who is known as the father of the computer revolution. He was the creator of the Apple I and the Apple II .

His beginnings were really amazing, where the components to create the first computers were really expensive, so he designed them on paper.

In addition to building the Apple I and Apple II, he also helped design part of the Apple software.

See iWoz, from computer genius to cult icon

ICONIC, a tribute to Apple’s innovation

This book was highly valued, where it was launched with a high price reaching 300 dollars in second hand and auction pages. It is now more affordable.

It tells Apple’s story through spectacular photographs of most of its products. It also gives us a lot of information about the patents Apple applied for to register its products.


Steve Jobs, official biography

This is the official biography , the only one in which Steve Jobs himself participated. Once he knew the seriousness of his illness, he commissioned Walter Isaacson to write his biography.

In it, we can see many interesting details of Steve Jobs , of Apple’s creation and his desire for protagonism and perfectionism. A book that can’t be missed in your particular bookstore.

See Steve Jobs, official biography

Surely, through these four books , you will discover hidden and really interesting parts about the creation of Apple , but above all about its main characters, beyond what we know in public life.

What book did you like the most? Have you read any of them? Which one did you buy?

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