Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile, which Battle Royale is better?

Fortnite estrena modo explosivo y máquinas de venta


No, no nos estamos refiriendo a que Fortnite sea un pay-to-win ni mucho menos, pero como todos estos juegos de este segmento, encontramos opciones para conseguir mejoras cosméticas gastando algunos euros . Hay skins realmente chulas, y le aportan un toque de distinción a nuestro personaje.

Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile, which Battle Royale is better?
Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile, which Battle Royale is better?

We know that these two games have reached the top of the application download sites, their PC versions are the most popular on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, and the best thing, each in its own way, have revolutionized the industry , making the rest of the companies focus on the ‘Battle Royale’ games, which until recently had hardly any residual audience.

Pasta or pizza? Dad or mom? Barça or Madrid? PUBG or Fortnite? I know perfectly well that these are questions that when you ask them in a group, people start to get tense , swallowing saliva. There haven’t been any major video game hooligans since the era of Pokémon or Digimon.

Okay, it’s a matter of taste, but yes we can objectively analyze certain data , such as gameplay, graphics or other details that make the experience richer or poorer. Want to know which Battle Royale is better? Just keep reading:

After the announcement that Fortnite was going to be available for iOS, we could see how in record time we also had the famous PUBG: Mobile available in all stores. We have a duel of titans competing to delight us .

Playing games on your cell phone… Against PC people?

When Fortnite came to light, it delighted its followers with the possibility of cross-play . What does this mean? That you won’t have to stay at home anymore, if you have an iPhone you have no excuse: you can go out and keep playing as you would with your computer or PS4… If you’re good with touch control.

By contrast, it doesn’t matter that you have a gold and diamond-encrusted S9+, which if your operating system is Android you won’t be able to play .

PUBG: Mobile is available on both platforms , and has quite affordable requirements. However, if you want to play against people from the PC, you will have to go to the PC, because, at least for the time being, there is no cross-play and no waiting.

How much do they weigh?

Are you short of space? Then perhaps it’s better to forget about Fortnite, because this application weighs no less than 2 GB , a size that, on the other hand, is totally reasonable: we’re talking about a whole lot of games. If your phone is full and you can’t play it, here are some tricks to free up space.

PUBG: Mobile weighs considerably less, 700 mb on Android and 900 mb on iOS. Of course, the fact that the game has been designed only for mobile devices helps a lot to make it lighter . Can you imagine a cross-play version of PUBG? It wouldn’t even fit on a newly bought mobile.

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PUBG has not yet implemented any micropayment system , for the moment it only has BP, the currency of its world that is given to us in each game, with which we can buy boxes and improve our aesthetics with their contents gradually, beyond the system of rewards for starting the game every day.

Are my items being transferred?

As expected, if you have a battle pass, a good level account and are good at playing Fortnite for PC, you will have no problem logging in with your ID in its iOS version of the same name.

PUBG, on the other hand, has not made it possible to share the profile , together with the coins or achievements on Steam. Will we see it at some point? Only time will tell, no wonder the Blue Hole team is thinking of a way to allow their players to show off their expensive PC skirt on the mobile version as well.

Gameplay and graphics

Contrary to what it may seem due to their similarity in computer, the reality is that once immersed in mobile platforms, the reality between both games is quite different .

Fortnite, on the other hand, keeps some essential buttons on screen, but teaches you to use very intuitive shortcuts that will only take a minute to master and feel natural. This results in a more polished screen, a more rewarding gameplay experience and ultimately a simple and fun gameplay experience.

PUBG, on the other hand, has more buttons and interactions, just like its PC version. With more buttons and no automated actions – such as picking up weapons or ammunition from the floor – some players may find the game experience a bit tarnished, especially if they come from Fortnite and are about to give PUBG a try.

On a graphic level we have to say that Fortnite has it easier thanks to its aesthetics , more caricature and less realism. In this case, Epic Games has been able to adapt the game very well to smaller screens, and it looks really good even when we are not playing with a last generation mobile phone.

On the other hand, PUBG has had the great idea of allowing us three different configurations of graphics according to the power of our terminal , and although we can say that both High and Medium are optimal configurations and it looks really good, in Low we lose quality significantly. Better that than not playing, because this option is designed for users who have purchased an iPhone SE a terminal that today works well, but does not support too much load, both graphics and RAM.

My choice: Fornite or PUBG?

You may think that I’m a staunch defender of Fortnite, but nothing could be further from the truth: in fact, I’ve been a PUBG player practically since it came out , but in mobile matters the story changes a lot.


Fortnite is designed to share evenings of action with friends competing to see who is the fattest mess in Picados, while PUBG aims to be a much more realistic battle royale simulator, but still has a long way to go before it reaches what Fortnite for iOS has achieved.

If they debug the game and open up the cross-play we can ask ourselves if PUBG is expensive, but today I have it clear: there is no battle, because Fortnite for iOS is unrivalled .


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