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Fortnite developers prepare Mac game store

The Mac App Store will soon have a new rival on its own turf. Epic Games, known for developing the famous game Fortnite, is working on the launch of a Mac and PC game store, taking on the corresponding Apple and Microsoft application stores.

This is not something that comes as a surprise, since Valve also has its own shop for Windows and MacOS games with Steam . This move will be an attack against Valve rather than against Apple or Microsoft.

Fortnite developers prepare Mac game store
Fortnite developers prepare Mac game store

From TechCrunch has been reported that this new store is intended to be a platform with a wide variety of prices that connects directly with their players, t to and as reported by the CEO of Epic himself.

If we want to download a game on Mac, one of our first options is undoubtedly to go to Steam, where the vast majority of games for this platform are concentrated. This means that the Mac App Store, which has undergone a renovation with Mojave macOS, is now in second place , something that the Cupertino boys will probably not like.

Epic has already worked with a lot of developers due to the quality of their engine Unreal , and that’s why they have a very good niche to be able to release their game shop although we doubt it will end up surpassing the Steam shop in the catalogue. Although we should point out that Steam needs a facelift since we don’t understand that it has such an old-fashioned interface, this competition might ‘wake them up’.

We will be watching for any kind of movement from the developers of Epic, to know first hand this new store of games in macOS and Windows.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this new idea, do you see it as a business sense or a project condemned to the impossible?

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