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forecasts by Fernando Rodriguez for WWDC16

Although the professions of fortune teller and fortune teller are a little bit down, see the case of Aramis Fuster, in this article I will make an attempt. 😉

Unlike most years, this time there has not been as much gossip about what will be new in this WWDC. However, if you are near the Sanctum Sanctorum and have friends who work there, you see their trips and which ones are busier than others, something can be deduced…

forecasts by Fernando Rodriguez for WWDC16
forecasts by Fernando Rodriguez for WWDC16

I dare say it’s not going to be a “hard” WWDC. I mean, there’ll be more software than hardware and no, I don’t think they’ll release an Apple Car. At least, not yet. 😉

New Versions of iOS & OSX

There are a number of things that seem obvious, and which we can remove immediately. They are to be expected and bring no substantial news. We will have a new version of iOS, probably number 10 .

A new version of OSX is also expected, perhaps renamed macOS . I can’t help but hope that this will be the time when they finally change the file system to ZFS, but I don’t believe it too much.

After using an iPad Pro for a while, it’s clear that the Mac and notebooks will soon be a thing of the past, at least for non-programmers. Besides, iOS devices are where Apple really makes money, so it is to be expected that the Mac will become a niche product.

Yesterday at the Company Store in 1 Infinite Loop. My son taking his first steps with an iPad Pro. Father barrel, son botijo… 😉

It’s also very likely that we will get a hit on Apple Music with new integrations with Beats, although I hope it will be more enjoyable than last year. 😉

In view of this, let’s get to the point: to what really matters and what can change the market, not only this year but in the following years .

Siri Strikes Back!

This is a market where Apple was very innovative, but it was a bit relegated and forgotten. When you’re resting on your laurels, it’s inevitable that the competition will hit you on both cheeks. And that’s precisely what Microsoft, Google and especially Amazon have done. They have all released (or are about to release) voice-controlled devices.

By far, the one that takes the cake is the Amazon Echo . This is a really innovative device that gives slingshot soups in terms of voice recognition to Siri, Cortana and anyone else who gets in front of it.

Alexa, that’s the name of the assistant we have to address, he’s clearly the leader to beat. Moreover, it is very easy to extend, adding new features (called skills).

If we add to that that, at least in the USA, Amazon has much more content even than Netflix, Alexa can take over every geek family’s living room .

In addition, the Amazon Echo is a hell of a contraption that makes shopping on Amazon devilishly simple.

Alexa honey, you’re gonna kill my credit card…

Apple will have to do a lot of work improving Siri, opening a developer API and integrating all this with AppleTV .

The battle is far from over, but Amazon’s lead is very substantial.

Swift 3.0: and in the third year, it took off.

Ted Van Pelt

With version 3.0 of Swift we finally have a stable language enough to be a real alternative for commercial developments.

It is clear that Apple is putting all the meat on the spit with Swift and intends to turn it into the new Java. This means that Swift is the de facto language of the software industry .

Signs of this are not lacking: the alliance with IBM to bring Swift to the corporate market, the recent partnership with SAP, but above all the fact that Swift has become Open Source.

Cane and ration of ham. You can take notes.

I would also bet that this year some Apple initiative will be announced to bring Swift to schools , so that children learn to program with the Apple language.

Another unmistakable sign that we are facing a change of cycle, and that Objective C will cease to be the protagonist, is the fact that Apple is rewriting Foundation (Cocoa’s most basic and fundamental framework) to better adapt it to Swift.

It is a risky bet, as the current version is very stable code and tested over the years. However, Apple has the resources to do it. No doubt we will hear about this new version of Foundation made to measure of Swift .

HealthKit, ResearchKit and CareKit

This is, in my opinion, the most important aspect in the long term, although it may go a little unnoticed. Apple has invested a lot in software tailored to the healthcare market. Let’s not forget that “health care” is the first industry in the USA and it moves billions .

The Apple Watch, more than a “fashion” device is a first blow to that market. I am convinced that in Cupertino the current Apple Watch is seen as a beta or prototype of a whole family of new devices, designed to monitor our health and serve as a bridge between patient and health system.

It’s a huge market and one that has yet to be explored. Apple has already reached agreements with some of the giants like the Mayo Clinic or the Texas Medical Center.

I recommend every developer to follow the CareKit session . There are no experts at the moment in those technologies and I bet cane and squid sandwich that there will soon be a great demand .


Apple Car?

No, I don’t think so. 🙂 I’ll keep saving for a Delorean for now. 😉

Tesla and Delorean, future and past, together in Silicon Valley.


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