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For Tim Cook, Augmented Reality has only just begun

As we have already mentioned in several articles over the last few days, Tim Cook is on European soil, where he has spoken with the president of France, Emmanuel Macron about tax issues and has also given an interesting interview to the British media The Independent, where he has focused a lot on Augmented Reality, giving his point of view to how it is evolving within Apple . He has also given an interview to the prestigious Vogue magazine in the UK, predicting the inclusion of RA in the world of fashion.

At the WWDC 2017, we could see how Apple presented its ARKit developer’s kit, which has been used in a very appropriate way by many application developers in iOS 11, since the App Store is gradually welcoming these new applications.

For Tim Cook, Augmented Reality has only just begun
For Tim Cook, Augmented Reality has only just begun

Apple and Augmented Reality Glasses

The example given by Apple’s own CEO was the Ikea application , which we presented in our October application collection. For Cook it is incredible how a simple application can serve to decorate our house using this technology. Also, he thinks it is or has started as something very curious that people are starting to use but do not see it as vital. In the next few years it will be a real revolution.

He also talked about the augmented reality glasses. Will we see it soon on Apple? Apparently not. Cook has said that this product will only be seen when the technology is well developed. The company’s new goal is not to be the first to launch a new product, but to stand out for having a quality product or technology, to be the first with a mediocre technology.

We can see that in Face ID, because we think that this technology has dared to be taken out when they have had it very well developed, and so there are no problems with it, although they have not been the first to take it out. That’s why we can’t wait to see the iPhone X. And as you were saying, AR glasses will be seen in the distant future and it will surely be an everyday thing in a decade.

On the subject of fashion, Cook has been emphatic in saying that Augmented Reality will be very committed to this world by creating applications that are capable of wearing any type of clothing by detecting your body and choosing the outfit you want. Thus, we will be able to see if these clothes fit in applications of certain brands of clothing.

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