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For Schmidt, Android is safer than iOS

For everyone, his platform is the best of all and there is no more discussion than that. Eric Schmidt was to be no exception and, during an interview at the Gartner SymposiumITxpo, was asked about several compromising issues of his platform. One was fragmentation and another was security, which without cutting a hair, I say that Android is much more secure than iOS.

We were in Orlando, at the Gartner SymposiumITxpo, where Eric Schmidt was subjected to a question and answer session of all kinds . It was the turn of the odious comparisons and complaints towards his platform, David Willis, analyst, Head of Research for Mobility and Communications and Director of Gartner’s Senior Research Board , was one of those who gave in the sensitive area to Schmidt, security on the platform. Many were the topics and, varied, those that were treated in this round of questions.


For Schmidt, Android is safer than iOS
For Schmidt, Android is safer than iOS

Eric Schmdit, in response to David Willis’ statement, stood his ground and replied somewhat arrogantly in defence of his platform.

The laughter of the people present was not long in coming . In response, Schmidt qualified the answer and now he has argued that they are a great platform , with a great future and expansion, and used by millions of people, so the security tests are more rigorous .


Another constant complaint was the issue of fragmentation on the platform for which Eric Schmidt also had an answer.

Android is making a big effort to get a unification of their platform . A clear example is the possibility of using the new Google applications, in all versions or, at least, the latest ones available.


As a daily user, and happy, of both platforms, my goal is not to demonize Android but, it is clear that, being a platform with such a high usage, it is normal that it is exposed , in greater proportion, to the dangers . Currently, I doubt that it is safer than iOS but, more reasons to work on it and get to be a safe vault for the user .

As for the issue of fragmentation, that is there and it is indisputable. Working with a system and a small number of devices -the case of Apple- brings a series of advantages that Android does not have -except, perhaps, in the case of the Nexus family-. As time goes by, tries to mitigate this effect but, still, there is a lot of difference between terminals. A much more optimised system is needed on all levels and it is possible to do this, see Windows Phone, which works just as well on a Lumia 520 as on a Lumia 925.

In short, I don’t see this as a way of saying that one system is better or worse than another , each one has its virtues and its defects, which complement each other to make a complete platform . Each user chooses according to his needs and tastes, and each user, must bear in mind the advantages and disadvantages in order to either enhance them or try to fix them or encourage them.

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