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Footprint Sensor May Slow iPhone 5S Production

For weeks now it has been rumoured that the star feature of the upcoming iPhone 5S will be a fingerprint reader . Even yesterday there was talk that Apple would modify the Home button to include the mentioned reader underneath the button that has hardly changed since the first iPhone model.

Now rumors have emerged that this new component could be causing problems for Cupertino’s company and that its integration could make the pace of manufacturing the iPhone 5S much slower than usual .

Footprint Sensor May Slow iPhone 5S Production
Footprint Sensor May Slow iPhone 5S Production

DigiTimes is the source of this rumor, so we must take the information with a grain of salt. The publication has many good points in its history, but it has also been wrong countless times, so it will be events that will either prove them right or take them away.

Fingerprint sensor manufacturing could limit iPhone 5S production to 3-4 million units during Q3

According to the publication, Apple could only manufacture between 3 and 4 million iPhone 5S during the third quarter . This could mean that Apple will not be able to meet the initial demand for the device, at least if the success of previous generations of the device is repeated.

According to the report the mass production of the fingerprint sensors by TSMC should have started in May and the final assembly should be done by Xintec. But due to issues of integration with iOS 7 with the fingerprint reader, production could have been delayed.

Apple is now believed to be working with a group of engineers at Xintec to improve performance rates in fingerprint sensor packaging so that devices can be manufactured at a higher rate.

Final production of the device is expected to begin sometime at the end of August, which could allow Apple to manufacture some 30 million iPhone 5Ss during the fourth quarter of the year.

As they say in Appleinsider, nothing is confirmed at the moment, although rumours place the date of the iPhone 5S’s launch on September 10th and, in case it is confirmed and the company follows the usual steps, this could mean that the smartphone will arrive in stores on Friday September 20th . Days before that, iOS 7 would arrive to all compatible devices and of course the new device would arrive with it already installed.

Not looking forward to the new (or new) iPhone? After so many months of rumors and more rumors we are looking forward to it.