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Football Seasons is a Fun Football Card Game

Today we are analyzing a very funny and addictive game for iPhone and iPad. Its name is Football Seasons and you can find it totally free in the App Store . It is a card and strategy game based on the theme of football.

In Football Seasons we can live all the excitement of football on our tablet or smartphone and manage our own team to compete in cups, tournaments or leagues and plan different strategies with our cards when aligning our players and meet the different challenges we will face.

Football Seasons is a Fun Football Card Game
Football Seasons is a Fun Football Card Game

There are several aspects of Football Seasons that we have loved. Firstly, this addictive game has different modes that we can select from the main menu: Solo, Online Asynchronous, Pass&Play, Bluetooth and local real-time WiFi.

Whether in online mode or in multiplayer mode via bluetooth or WiFi connection, you can enjoy games full of excitement in which you will face your friends or players around the world.

With Football Seasons we will have the opportunity to choose and train our own football team , selecting the cards of the players we want to use and using the different talents and actions to choose our strategy and climb the rankings until we win.

Each card will provide us with a player with different and varied skills and abilities, but also there are cards that allow us to count on talents, equipment, technical direction, actions and supporters . There are even different decks of cards!

But there is more, in Football Seasons there are some special cards that will allow us to have 12 super stars and 6 world stars like for example Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, as you can see in the images.

Furthermore, is constantly updated adding all kinds of competitions and improvements. In the latest version of Football Seasons for iPhone and iPad we will find a new world champion card and improved support for iOS 8.

In short, Football Seasons has all the necessary requirements to become one of the biggest hits in the App Store’s free download top . It’s got it all, well-designed illustrations, an original idea, an interesting theme and a fabulous mental simulation in which we’ll have to come up with different strategies and skills to achieve glory.

Do you want to find out for yourselves how this fun game looks? If so, you can download it for free from the following link:

What we liked best

  • The excellent quality of the cartoon illustrations.
  • It allows us to play in multiplayer or single player mode.
  • The addiction generated by Football Seasons is very high.

This is Football Seasons, an addictive free football card game for iPhone and iPad. What do you think? Have you tried it yet?