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Folx, download and torrent manager: In depth

My colleague Esteban from Genbeta told us some time ago about Folx, a download and torrent manager for Mac with some interesting options . The people in charge of Eltima software have contacted us to see if we would dare to make a revision of it at Apple, so here it is. The truth is that I was quite used to use Speed Download as a download manager, so in my conclusions you will see where Folx outperforms Speed Download and vice versa.

The program has a series of plugins that are installed in the browsers that we have in our Mac automatically, so that when we click on a link to download a file, Folx starts working and allows us to manage the download of the file from the application.

Folx, download and torrent manager: In depth
Folx, download and torrent manager: In depth

Folx has some features that make this application one of the most convenient in terms of downloads. The first one, the interface is really cared, we have enough information of each downloaded file, a dedicated window of the size of an icon in which we can see at every moment how each download is going, etc. But where it really shines is in the management of each download. Let’s see why.

Each download we try to make becomes a Task, to which we can assign a priority or modify it by simply rearranging it in the task list by dragging and dropping. We can also assign some tags to each download, which makes having the downloads folder sorted, a pending subject in my case, very comfortable. We can create a new task with one click, and determine if it’s a torrent, or a link, including the possibility of adding user and password for paid download sites.

Folx is available in two versions, one free, and one PRO version (16.95 euros a license, there are discounts for packs) which adds to the functions of the basic version four interesting features: The possibility of dividing the downloads in up to ten execution threads, a torrent search function from the application itself, a complete download scheduler to indicate when to start and pause the downloads, and a speed control that automatically regulates the bandwidth destined to the downloads when we are using the internet more intensively.

One aspect that I liked very much is a small window, the size of an icon, in which we can see the status of our downloads, it will alternate the download speeds and the percentage that takes each of them. The torrent search is really fast, but it doesn’t allow you to sort the results, and sometimes this functionality suffers from lack of response. Another issue that doesn’t convince me is that I don’t save the user in paid sites (rapidshare, megaupload), having to enter them in each task or group of tasks (which in Speed Download is perfectly configurable).

To add a multiple download I have seen that the best option is to drag all the selected urls at once to the application icon in the dock, this will open a window that will configure all the tasks at once, really comfortable. As for speed, I don’t know if it will be a placebo effect, but I think that downloads go faster than with Speed Download, maybe because of the automatic bandwidth management.


The PRO version adds more than welcome functionality, especially torrent search and automatic bandwidth management. If you already have Speed Download, and you use advanced download options, you will probably want to continue with the same application. If not, it’s really hard to stay with one of them. If you are looking for simplicity, if you are not going to use many of the Speed Download options and want to search for torrents from the same application I would stay with Folx. In their web (also available in spanish) you will find more information.

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