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Follow JC GO! the Christian Pokémon GO is a success on the App Store

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Ricky Fernandez

Follow JC GO! the Christian Pokémon GO is a success on the App Store
Follow JC GO! the Christian Pokémon GO is a success on the App Store

Posted on October 20, 2018 – 12:59

Niantic made a huge success for Nintendo with Pokémon GO, the Ramon Pané Foundation wants to do the same with Follow JC Go! releasing a game for iOS in which we can form an evangelization team.

The development of the game is very similar to Pokémon Go, but instead of capturing Pokémon, we have to collect Bible characters, Saints and Blesseds . All this while an intensive search for our city. Thanks to this, let’s send an active life and have the possibility to know the parishes of our city.

This physical effort requires a balanced diet and hydration, so we have to keep the levels of food, water and spirituality at an optimal level. Although it is not specified if we can complement it with bread and wine .

Follow JC GO! is a hit on the App Store

Currently Follow JC GO! has just risen to number 2 in the “Adventures” ranking on the App Store. He is now almost touching the sky of success, moving away from the underworld of not appearing in the App Store charts.

Its developer has implemented well the success of Pokémon GO and the Christian faith. The ratings are not 5 stars, but the reviews left by users who have downloaded this app are curious.

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Currently the game is completely free , it will not ask us for any kind of payment to evangelize works of Mercy, either spiritual or corporal. It is not a lucrative game economically, but it is full of great goodness about Christianity.

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It is curious how we can add a biblical character, a Marian, Saint or Blessed experience in Follow JC GO! to our “eTeam”, we only have to approach it, at least within a radius of 50 meters and respond with “True” or “False” to a phrase related to one of the evangelized characters.

Download this free game

What do you think of this app? Have you experienced a Marian encounter during a game?

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