Fluid App creates applications from your favorite websites

There are many pages that we visit several times a day and we would like them to be more than just a bookmark, favourite or direct access. Do you want to know how to do it? I’ll explain it to you below.

Most of us use the bookmarks in our web browser to keep those pages we use or visit the most at hand.

Fluid App creates applications from your favorite websites
Fluid App creates applications from your favorite websites

But it is also true that sometimes there are pages that we enter many times a day , so it would be useful to have some way of accessing them a little more directly and quickly than a simple bookmark or favourite… an application perhaps?

For this reason, today I would like to talk to you about Fluid , an application that will allow us, from a web page, to create an executable, this being in the form of a program . All in one easy, simple and intuitive way , since we only have to enter the web address of the page, the title of the application and finally choose where to save it and whether we want to use the favicon of the site or prefer to choose one that we have saved.

Finally, by pressing the Create button, the executable will appear in the directory you have chosen.

The application Fluid has two versions : one free and one paid for at $4.99 which allows you to choose where to save your cookies, integrate it into the system tray, use our own scripts within the application and use the executables created in full screen mode. You can get the application from its official website.

At first glance seems like an excuse to charge us 4.99 dollars for something that web browser bookmarks already do, but if we think about it, we’ll see that we can use it to create our own web services applications such as Twitter or GrooveShark .

And in case you haven’t decided whether to buy it, keep the free version or simply not download it, I leave you with an example of the application from this blog: Applesence.

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