Flipboard, the Best Way to Read Blogs and Social Networks

Flipboard offers us a great way to collect all our favorite magazines, social networks, blogs, newspapers and websites in one place. This iOS application allows us to create our own personalized digital magazine and to browse through all content and share articles in a very easy way.

In its last update, the Flipboard application included a new feature that allowed us to find new articles much more easily and a new section with interesting content was integrated.

Flipboard, the Best Way to Read Blogs and Social Networks
Flipboard, the Best Way to Read Blogs and Social Networks

The Flipboard app has become one of the most important reading applications on the App Store since its launch in 2012. Using the app and falling in love with it is relatively easy, thanks to its intuitiveness, its design and the excellent organization of its elements.

Flipboard allows us to register and synchronize the app with Facebook or Twitter. It also gives us the option to connect through LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and YouTube.

Once we have logged in, Flipboard will present us with a series of themes from which we should choose those that interest us most: technology, sports, culture, travel…

It is now that we will have the possibility to click on each of these categories to discover new articles from blogs, magazines and social networks. In addition, from the search engine on the right side we can enter all kinds of content from social networks and websites.

What we liked most about Flipboard is that it allows us to customize all the boxes in a really simple and fast way. By keeping your finger pressed on a panel you can move it or remove it.

As mentioned above, Flipboard for iOS allows us to create a personalized magazine with our favorite content , and share it publicly or leave it for private use.

If we choose to make our magazine public, other users will be able to find it in their searches and follow us (just as we can follow other users) in order to discover more articles of interest.

So, the “magazine of magazines” Flipboard is an ideal alternative to discover news when we barely have time to search the web and do it in an enjoyable, pleasant and simple way.

What do you think about the Flipboard for iOS application? Have you created your own interactive magazine yet? Share this article on your social networks and participate in the comments section. Thank you!

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