Flight simulation now also on the iPhone

X-Plane 9

Based on the popular multi-platform X-Plane flight simulator we find this new version designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch that shows some of the most realistic graphics seen to date on the Apple device.

Flight simulation now also on the iPhone
Flight simulation now also on the iPhone

We have four different planes plus a good number of configurable parameters such as the time of flight, weather conditions or the state of the sky (do you like turbulence?) as well as the different views of the aircraft. The control system could not be simpler: a bar on the left for speed, another on the right for flaps and the accelerometer as a flight lever.

Perhaps the only but of this version is the available terrain, limited to Innsbruck (Austria) although, as they say, it is “one of the most challenging mountain topographies for aviation” so we will have to be satisfied until they decide to expand it in future revisions. By the way, its price is 7.99 euros , cheaper than many and more expensive than others. If you like aviation, you probably won’t have any qualms about paying for it.

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