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Flickr launches its iPhone application

After a long wait, Yahoo! has finally decided to launch its own iPhone application from Flickr , the popular web service where we can store, organize and share our photos with one of the largest user communities in the world. The iPhone is taking Flickr by storm and this free application can bring the two together even closer.

The first thing we see when we launch it is a nice slideshow through which the most recent images of our contacts are paraded using the always nice Ken Burns effect , an old acquaintance of iPhoto users consisting of a smooth movement between two points of the photo, commonly linked also to a small zoom.

Flickr launches its iPhone application
Flickr launches its iPhone application

From there, we can perform searches (among the photos of all users, those of your contacts or just yours), take photos and upload them directly or view our gallery , your recent activity or move among our contacts.

Although the option to upload our photos from the iPhone is currently limited (at least on the iPhone 3G) to a resolution of 800×600 pixels instead of the maximum quality of the phone’s camera, it’s nice to see how it allows us to add tags to them (including the possibility to view our own collection of tags), descriptions and even our current location using GPS.

The application is divided into three main sections: Recent, You and Contacts . In the first one we can see our activity (the conversations we participate in, the comments they leave on our photos, if a user has marked one of our images as a favourite…) and the recent uploads of our contacts. Meanwhile, in You, we find the place to view our photos organized by date of upload, in albums (at the moment the collections do not appear anywhere) or by tags, as well as our favorite photos.

Finally, in Contacts , we can quickly browse through our contact list to see their images (organized in the same way as ours, by album, label or favorite) although unfortunately we miss some functions that seem quite basic to me like adding new contacts or sending and receiving messages.

Xataka Foto

“We’re late for our own party!” , that’s how they described a few days ago on the Flickr blog the incursion of their official iPhone application. Not for nothing, since the launch of the Apple phone have appeared countless applications that allow us to get all the juice out of Flickr including Mobile Photos, FlickIt or Darkslide (Premium version). The problem is that Flickr has not only arrived late , but so far it has arrived insufficiently . Any of the above applications offers more features than the official client, although the price factor plays in its favour as it is completely free. Let’s hope that as with applications like Facebook, this first version is only a statement of intent and soon we’ll see new features such as the ability to zoom in on images, download them to the phone, cache them and paste our slideshows… as well as a substantial improvement in the speed with which images are loaded and the solution to various errors such as the application occasionally hangs when we try to take a picture.

At the moment the application is only available in the US store and if you want to download it you will need to have a second iTunes account set up for this country (not particularly complicated). In any case, the application is only translated into English, French and Chinese at the moment, being one more point against the mobile version of Flickr :, accessible from Safari and available in 21 languages, including Spanish.