Flextronics is hiring people to build the Mac Pro

As you may know, the new Mac Pro will be manufactured in the United States. Along with iMac, it will be the second Apple computer to be manufactured in the US in recent years, after production was shifted to China due to its low cost. Proof of this is that the company in charge, Flextronics, is in the process of hiring over 1700 employees, who will be responsible for assembling the new brown beast of Apple.

The Mac Pro will be released in the next few weeks, and the information around it is hot. In fact, it was leaked today that the American company Flextronics is in the middle of a major hiring process of employees – as many as 1700 -, to build a new generation computer in their factories in Austin, Texas.

Flextronics is hiring people to build the Mac Pro
Flextronics is hiring people to build the Mac Pro

Although the company does not disclose the computer they will be assembling or the manufacturer of the computer, but rumors clearly point to the new Mac Pro. Especially when they have invested millions of dollars in the last two years to renovate their northwest Austin factory, which will be where this next generation computer will be manufactured.

Specifically, the leaked document states that the company has already created 879 jobs for the project, and that there are another 815 vacancies to be filled . In the past, the company had been rumored to be the manufacturer of the Mac Pro when Apple announced that it would be taking some of its production to the United States.

These factories are less than a kilometre away from one of Apple’s operations centres where more than 4000 employees work. This campus is still under development, an expansion where Apple plans to invest 300 million dollars and create 3600 new jobs in the next 10 years .

The new Mac Pro will be the next one to get on the shopping cart Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in USA , after being the new iMac the first Apple computer to be manufactured in the United States after so many years leaving the assembly in the hands of the Chinese.

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