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Flappy Bird Updates with New Birds and a Renewed Interface

The popular Flappy Bird is updated for iPad and iPhone with new birds, new interface and a night mode

Flappy Bird is the new phenomenon in mobile applications that has already registered more than 50 million downloads between the App Store and the Google Play Store . Not surprisingly, the developer recently made public the income generated by the application on a daily basis: more than $50,000 a day for an application that took just over three days to develop.

The viral success of Flappy Bird has led its developer to release a new game update that includes a number of new features such as new birds (although the bird is actually exactly the same, except for the colour change), a new interface (the pipes are no longer identical to those in Super Mario Bros) and a new night mode.

Flappy Bird Updates with New Birds and a Renewed Interface
Flappy Bird Updates with New Birds and a Renewed Interface

Despite this update, it is not the developer’s intention to add much more to the title, as he claims that the essence of the title is so simple that any addition could ruin the game . Here we can see the statements he made to a recently recognized medium:

As we have mentioned, the update does not exactly include new types of birds, but new colours. Thus, we find a red and a blue bird that are added to the yellow color that we found in the first version. The choice of colors is not possible, but they are randomly exchanged as we play new games.

Flappy Bird adds two new colors in addition to yellow: red and blue

In addition, the Super Mario Bros. style pipes have taken on a slightly more polished look: the bits are no longer so obvious and their colour has shifted to a darker shade which takes it somewhat away from the similarity it shared with the legendary Nintendo game. Another improvement is that the bird’s flight has been smoothed and it now flies in a more balanced way. Will this affect the previous scores?

As we see on iPhone in Canada, the buttons on the initial menu are now bigger and the button to share our scores and the pause button have been removed. The night mode has also been added in this new version. Finally, one of the most significant improvements is that the advertising banners only appear on the start and end screens , and not during game play, as this was a major source of distraction for many.

Have you tried this viral success yet? Here you can download it, for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone.

What do you think of the new version of Flappy Bird ?