Flappy Bird: The Best Alternatives

Flappy Bird is not coming back and it is time to see some of his best alternatives

Come on, it’s time to face it, Flappy Bird’s gone and he’s not coming back. It’s time to overcome it and look for alternatives that make us fill the gap left by this application. If you didn’t get hooked, better because this way you won’t suffer its absence.

Those who have already downloaded the application can still play it , but there will be no further updates. The game will remain like this until you get tired of the pixelated bird and remove it completely from your iPad or iPhone.

Flappy Bird: The Best Alternatives
Flappy Bird: The Best Alternatives

But don’t worry because the App Store is very big and there are plenty of games. And because there are so many games, there are some that are very reminiscent of Flappy Bird and with which you can forget your sorrows. Besides, as far as we know, the creators of these games have not been threatened with death or suggested to commit suicide.

Dirby Flap

Dirby Flap retains the essence of Flappy Bird, is 100% FREE and comes with a surprise… You have to play it!

Flappy Bee

Same concept, different bug. In this game you have to get Hoover, the main bee, to collect the nectar from the flowers . In order to do this, you have to avoid obstacles and enemies that don’t want the worker bee to reach the hive.

You can compete against other players to become the bee that collects the most nectar and be the champion of the hive.

Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer

Okay, this game reminds you of your beloved Flappy Bird but look closely, the bird looks nothing like the other and is better made . The game theory is the same: help the bird to reach the end of the screen by avoiding the obstacles.

To help you get started, starts with three lives .


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s IronPants! In this game you have to help this cute superhero with a cape to avoid the obstacles that are in his way while he flies through a construction.

In this game you have only one control zone, one hero and one goal.

Adventures Of Birdie

Oh, I’m sorry, it’s another bird. But this one is also very different from Flappy Bird. Plus, you don’t have to help him dodge pipes, which is why it was very Super Mario Bros. and not a bird.

In this application the context changes, since the bird goes through the forest and what it has to go through is vines .

Splashy Fish

Come on, let’s change animals. In this case, we have before us a fish , which is quite reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. With this game, you can also compete against your friends by getting the highest score.

You’ll have to dodge the obstacles and look carefully at the screen, because you’ll be able to find treasures that will increase your score.


This app was in the App Store before Flappy Bird, so the concept is somewhat different. In this case, we have to help a hairy black ball to get around the obstacles it encounters. If it falls, nothing happens, the ball dies when it gets stuck with some element of the landscape.

The game has much better graphics than the pixelated bird, and was awarded by Apple as Best iPad Game .

And you, have you found any worthwhile?

Tell us in the comments if you have found any games similar to the missing Flappy Bird that are worth mentioning. The App Store is receiving a lot of similar titles and it’s impossible to know all of them, but between them all, there are sure to be a few more.

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