Flappy Bird Now Available to Play on an Apple II

The addictive game Flappy Bird comes to the Apple II

The game Flappy Bird became such a phenomenon that the creator himself decided to remove it from the App Store because he felt it was creating a huge addiction. To this day, it is no longer available for download at the Apple App Store, but it seems that the phenomenon is far from over. We’ve seen an endless number of copies of the game created for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Mac!

The latest news that has come to us about this little bird that overcomes obstacles is that has managed to run, no more and no less, than in an Apple II . We have been able to see this curious version in operation thanks to a video published on YouTube by the user digarok.

Flappy Bird Now Available to Play on an Apple II
Flappy Bird Now Available to Play on an Apple II

Playing Flappy Bird is apparently a very simple game since we only have to click on the screen to get around the pipes that appear on the way. However, it’s much more complicated than it seems, which makes us itch to try and go as far as possible.

Flappy Bird, a version of Flappy Bird for Apple II

This curious version of the well-known iOS game has been created by the developer Dagen Brock and is called Flapple Bird . This developer claimed that he could try to adapt Flappy Bird and prove that it worked in just one weekend.

And so he did, even though it took him more than a weekend, more than two weeks to be precise. Anyway, Dagen Brock not only created a 60 FPS version of the game but also proved that worked on his 1MHz Apple II .

Do you have an Apple II or an emulator? Try Flapple Bird!

It is not very common to meet someone who owns an Apple II, but if this is your case you can download this application from the Dagen website to play. And if you don’t have it, don’t worry, because as the guys from CultofMac say, you can also play on your computer with this Apple II flash emulator.

However, as we can see in the video, it doesn’t seem to be as addictive as the game for iOS devices. Have you tried it? If so, leave us your opinion about this curious version of Flappy Bird in the comments.

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