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Fixed the problem with Panasonic AVCCAM videos

Final Cut Pro X
Apple actualiza a lo grande su suite de vídeo

The new versions are 5.2.1 and 10.2.1 which come to solve some issues that were causing some inconvenience.

Fixed the problem with Panasonic AVCCAM videos
Fixed the problem with Panasonic AVCCAM videos

In Motion, both problems affected the import of Photoshop files with an incorrect color profile and the closing of the application itself when opening it. In Final Cut Pro X the most important thing is the return of the support for Panasonic AVCCAM video files at 25p and 30p , and also an improvement in the timeline accuracy when selecting a range.

Available now through the App Store, these updates demonstrate that if there is one software package that Apple is paying a lot of attention to it is that of its video editing and creation tools. And it’s logical, although lately it has been criticized for abandoning the professional sector, the company knows that it has a mass of users there with a lot of weight even though the volume is much lower compared to the consumer market.

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