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Five ways to convince your partner that you need an iPad

Don’t tell me you want an iPad and there’s no way to convince your partner. I’m sure if you’ve seen the chapter on Modem Family you’ve identified with Phil Dunphy . Don’t worry, in this post I propose a few interesting ideas to “convince” your partner that you need an iPad.

Depending on your case, boyfriend or girlfriend, the most important thing is to be creative, but if it’s not your case, I’m sure that with some of these five ideas it works perfectly, otherwise we’ll always have the display units to satisfy our need to touch the iPad.

Honey, did you see that cool picture frame?

Five ways to convince your partner that you need an iPad
Five ways to convince your partner that you need an iPad

Let’s not fool ourselves, I have a lot of “women” around the house and they all think the same about the photo frames, cameras and showing the pictures from their last trip: they love it.

That’s why the first thing you have to try is the photo frame features. Thanks to the integrated one-touch function, you can turn your iPad into an eye-catching 10″ frame that looks great with its fantastic display.

But it also has a very colorful image viewer (showing the images of your last trip to New York by clicking on the map and showing what you read is great) with a lot of options and ability to create custom slideshows.

If it’s your boyfriend you want to convince, “pictures” are fine, but he’s sure to like the Camera Connection Kit accessory a lot better. By the way, you can explain to him that thanks to it he will be able to import those 2000 photos that you take on every trip, when he thinks he is a professional photographer with the reflex that he has just bought, without having the computer in front of him.

Look at these games, they’re great

Quiet, we know you’re counting the hours to be able to install games like Need For Speed or Real Racing but showing him this kind of games is a mistake and will only make it clear that you want the iPad to do the squirting and install a lot of car applications on it.

Instead you can teach him games that are more focused on mental challenges, Labyrinth type games or even simpler games like We rule. I’m talking about knowledge, all these games will delight him.

Remember to also teach him the “typical” board games that are available and the classic Tetris, never fails. By the way, if he asks you something related to Mario Bros. you can tell him that it’s just for kids, the iPad is much more than that.

If, on the other hand, it’s your boyfriend you’re trying to convince, you can skip this trick. I’m sure you know half the games that exist for the device by heart.

I’m tired of Windows windows too, what if we take the PC out?

If there is anyone in the world capable of “selling” the iPad to someone who has no interest in it or simply does not know much about computers, it is Apple.

There’s nothing better than showing the almost 30-minute video that Apple has available on its website. In a few minutes you can show him how easy it is to use and how he can forget about complicated programs, mice and problems forever. “Just use your fingers” (this phrase is key, try to memorize it).

While you’re at it, you can also tell him that in the future, a Mac can expand your options and that it’s as easy to use as the iPad.

I’ve been told you can read a lot of books, magazines and newspapers

It’s true that the iPad is not an e-book reader, but the number of magazines, books and newspapers that are appearing for it are making it virtually the perfect device for reading digital content.

Newspapers and magazines are the best example of use (don’t even think of showing the Marvel app as an example) for the iPad. Having the Sunday paper on time and without getting out of bed is a wonder.

Remind him also that he can buy a lot of magazines from the App Store and that he won’t need to go down to the kiosk to keep up with the various gossip or the latest engine news, and by the way tell him that when he doesn’t use it you’ll leave it for a while for him to read (first and foremost share).

Carlitos could learn a lot of things from him

That you have a child at home?

What’s Carlitos’s name? Man, that would have been necessary to say none of the other nonsense ideas. A simple sentence can fix everything:

Best of all, the excuse is perfect regardless of age:

  • From 3 to 5 years old: It will help you discover shapes and colours.
  • From 5 to 8 years old: You will improve your reading and you will also be able to start with mathematics.
  • From 8 to 12 years old: You will learn how to use the Internet and discover it.
  • 12 to 16 years old: Parental controls will help you to prevent your child from watching porn or melting your credit card.
  • 16+: That I bought his who is old enough to do so.

I think that with these five creative ideas you can surely convince your partner to buy an iPad and remember that if none of them have any effect you can always give it to him or her and use it yourself from time to time, it will not be the same but at least you will have an iPad at home.