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Five tweaks to get the most out of your iPhone

As we did several times after the release of the jailbreak for iOS 7 by Evad3rs, which resulted in the proliferation of tweaks compatible with the latest version of the operating system, we continue with its compilation. Today we’ll show you five of them , which, in our view, will no doubt serve to meet the expectations of those of you who want to make the most of your iDevices or simply personalise them to your liking.


iFile is probably one of the most popular tweaks on Cydia. As if it were the Finder itself, the ultimate file browser for iOS will not only allow us to access the file structure of the operating system, but will also give us the ability to view and edit file attributes, install applications, transfer files wirelessly through its own web server, and so on.

Five tweaks to get the most out of your iPhone
Five tweaks to get the most out of your iPhone

The trial version of iFile 2.0, which brought with it a thorough redesign according to the iOS 7 standards, is available for free on the BigBoss repo. Although this version is fully functional, you can always choose to get a full license for only $4 from the application itself.

Springtomize 3

One of the tweaks with the highest number of downloads in Cydia and, therefore, one of the most expected after the arrival of evasi0n7. Broadly speaking, Springtomize 3 will allow us to modify the look of iOS 7 to unsuspected heights : desktop and dock, folders, status bar, lock and multitask screens; any element of the interface can be customized.

So, the third iteration of Springtomize, which is available in the BigBoss repo, has more than enough arguments to justify the 2.99 dollars that it costs , especially if we compare it with some of the alternatives that we can find in the repository and source manager developed by saurik.


exKey is a small tweak whose only task will be to allow us to type more efficiently, by adding an extra row to the iOS 7 keyboard ; because of it, we will spend less time switching between the alphabetic and the numeric keyboard.

No configuration will be necessary. Once installed, when we are in the alphabetical keyboard we can see a fifth numerical row at the top of it. If we switch to the numeric keypad, we’ll find a new row composed of special characters.

While many may see a downside to losing a useful screen when writing, it is undeniably an interesting tool worth trying out. Finally, note that costs $0.99 and is in the BigBoss repo


A tweak that will delight music lovers in general and Spotify regulars in particular. As you would expect, SpotiSearch will allow you to search the catalogue of the popular music application by streaming , directly from Spotlight. As with items stored locally on our iPhone, we can now search for our favourite artists, albums and songs without having to access the app .

After installation, you will be able to configure various aspects such as the region you want, the behavior when opening a topic, or the limit of results for searches. SpotiSearch, is available from BigBoss for only $0.99.


As you know, when you save animated images in GIF format inside Photos , they behave like static images, thus losing some of their grace. Well, finally, thanks to GifViewer we will be able to solve this problem and reproduce any GIF that is stored in the gallery by default of our devices.

It goes without saying that it lacks any configuration, we just need to install it to start enjoying it. GifViewer is priced at $0.99 and is available on the BigBoss repo on Cydia.

It’s time to call it a day. We’ve probably left a lot of interesting tweaks in the inkwell, but we promise to come back with more as we find new tools that catch our eye. Which tweaks do you consider to be mandatory on your devices?

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