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Five SSDs to squeeze the performance out of your Mac

Many of you have already upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion, the new desktop system for the Mac that Apple launched on July 25th. After a few days of use most are happy with the new version. The performance improves compared to Lion and the fluidity of the applications is noticeable. Especially in heavy applications.

But there’s still one more way to boost the performance of our team and the new version of OS X can do that. It is to make use of SSDs .

Five SSDs to squeeze the performance out of your Mac
Five SSDs to squeeze the performance out of your Mac

At Apple we have tried some models but that was a long time ago. Today we want to take advantage of the magnificent work done by one of our colleague from Xataka , Pablo Espeso, and show five current models that can make “fly”

your team.

  • Verbatin SSDSATAIII is a really great first choice. Priced at approximately $200 for the 240GB model, the Verbatin model offers good performance in both reading and writing speeds. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that it’s not the fastest in read access times. The best thing is the GB price ratio.
  • The Plextor M3 Pro is the bet of a manufacturer with hardly any repercussions within this product category. The Plextor model offers performance on a par with the most powerful on the market. Compared to most SSDs, it differs in the use of a Marvell 9174 controller instead of the Sandforce SF-2281. The most interesting model by price is the 128GB model, about 190 euros. The worst thing, the finish, doesn’t offer a robust and solid feel.
  • PNY Professional SSD. Sanforce SF-2281 controller and high performance put the PNY model at the top of the tables comparing different SSDs. With a price of approximately 140 euros for the 120GB model, the PNY Professional SSD is a reference model. Speed of reading and writing vertigo in all Benchmark.
  • Kingston HyperX 3K SSD is one of my favorite choices for its value. With virtually identical performance to the PNY model, HyperX reaches 392 and 318 MBs in read and write respectively. It can be found for about 110 euros for the 120GB model.
  • OCZ Vertex 4 is possibly one of the best known and most valued by users. The new model promises a performance of 550MBs but in practice does not reach the 380 of other models. This is normal because theoretical measurements are never real. With a very competitive price, about 130 euros approximately the model of 128GB.

Obviously not. There are numerous options on the market, also at higher prices . But to equivalent models, out of benchmark and some more punctual tests, the performance is very similar in most of the products.

If you intend to buy one the performance is notably superior to that of traditional discs. The improved read and write speeds make applications load faster and data accesses are more responsive.

TRIM Enabler, activa la compatibilidad TRIM para cualquier disco SSD

The only downside is capacity. Much lower than a traditional hard disk in relation to the price of the GB. But that’s something we can fix. That’s why we can replace the Super Drive with a traditional hard drive to store data on. Just like we did at Apple with the OWC Kit.

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