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Five recommended hard drives for our Mac [Gift Special]

WD MyPassport

h2. Gama MyCloud de Western Digital

Five recommended hard drives for our Mac [Gift Special]
Five recommended hard drives for our Mac [Gift Special]

Si lo que buscamos es un disco duro con algo especial, quizás nos interese saltar a otra gama de Western Digital: los MyCloud . Son discos duros de 3,5 pulgadas y por lo tanto pierden la portabilidad de los MyPassport, pero con su compra Western Digital incluye un servicio en la nube con el que acceder a todos los datos de ese disco duro mediante un servicio propio y privado.

Es, básicamente, un disco duro al que podemos acceder desde donde sea. Basta con conectarlo a nuestro Mac o a la red usando su puerto Gigabit Ethernet o USB 3.0.

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It’s Christmas time , and we have to do what we always intend to do with time but end up running out of time: buying presents . For the more tech-savvy who use a Mac, there’s nothing like opting for an accessory that somehow enhances the user experience or adds some extra functionality.

One of these star accessories to give away are undoubtedly the hard drives . They give our computers a break by storing large files, and are the perfect excuse for any careless machinist to start their first backup with Time Machine. Let’s see which models may be candidates for gift-wrapping.

h2. Western Digital’s MyPassport range

Western Digital’s MyPassport hard drives are enjoying some popularity. They are portable, 2.5 inches, and although there are special editions prepared for the Mac, any version can be used. They come in a variety of colors, don’t require a power adapter, offer capacities from 500 GB to 2 TB, and can use up to USB 3.0 to connect to your computer.

They are very versatile discs, which I would recommend for almost any use and especially for those who have to carry a large amount of data always with them without requiring high-speed connections.

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AirPort Time CapsuleImagen If we’re looking for a solution to back up one or more Macs, why not AirPort Time Capsule ? It offers 2TB and 3TB of storage and can also be used as a router or as a signal amplifier for our Wi-Fi, taking advantage of all the benefits Apple provides: connecting printers and speakers, configuring from an iOS terminal, and the warranty Apple usually provides on its products.

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