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Five recommended accessories for your iPad at a great price

Both the iPad and the iPad Pro offer really interesting possibilities for working on the move or in our usual environment, where the experience is even more so with some accessories.

To make the most of it, we’ve prepared a series of accessories that we believe are essential to accompany your iPad.

Five recommended accessories for your iPad at a great price
Five recommended accessories for your iPad at a great price

A varied selection, where leisure, work, comfort, creativity and utilities come in. Most are for the iPad in general , where they also serve, logically for the iPad Pro.

Nimbus, game controller for iOS

The Nimbus is a game controller very similar to the one we find in Play Station or Xbox , where we also have the advantage that it charges with the same cable as our iPhone.

The building materials and their weight are quite correct. We didn’t find any vibration engine, but no iOS controller incorporates it. The battery usually lasts quite long and we can connect it to up to four devices.

See Nimbus game controller

Pendrive with Lightning

There are times when we need to pass our documents through a pendrive , especially when we are in an environment where we do not have a good internet connection or where it is simply necessary to use a USB stick.

This USB stick has the ability to be connected via USB or Lightning , making it much more versatile in certain situations. It is certified for Apple devices, so we won’t have any problems with compatibility. With this device, it’s easy to connect a flash drive to the iPad.

View iPad USB stick

Ultra-slim external keyboard

To work with the iPad at a faster pace, an external keyboard is required. And because of this, we’re able to use the keyboard shortcuts offered by iOS 11, along with the dedicated keys on the keyboard.

It is important to know that the keyboard is of ultra thin design , splash resistant and with a quite high battery life. The finish is neoprene, so the keys have a particular travel.

We will need a small adaptation curve, but once we pass it, we will be delighted with this type of keyboard.

See external keyboard

Stylus fine tip

On the iPad Pro we have the Apple Pencil , but not on the other devices. Perhaps, many users will opt for another, cheaper stylus for tasks that don’t require intensive use.

For this, we have this stylus with fine tip , ideal for capturing notes in class, at work or simply drawing in some of the amazing applications included in iOS. This pencil will also allow us to enjoy many games to draw on the iPad.

See Stylus

iPad Pro Charging Stand

This accessory is specific to the iPad Pro , as it has a Smart Connector charging system. This Logitech base is made of aluminum, with a design very similar to Apple.

The characteristic of this base, is its robustness in supporting our iPad Pro 10.5 or 12.9″ . It allows us to have our iPad Pro in a very correct vertical position to work with our external keyboard.

It has a rubber base to prevent movement, where on the back, it has a Lightning input to connect our charging cable to the iPad Pro charger.

See load base

These are the five accessories that we recommend for the iPad this week, where you will surely find them very useful. We want to know which one you bought or which one you found more interesting.

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