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Five Reasons to Upgrade your Device to iOS 7

Tomorrow is the day many have been waiting for to upgrade their device to iOS 7. Apple’s revamped operating system introduces new features and functions in a completely redesigned environment. Not surprisingly, it is the biggest change to iOS since its inception.

Despite this, there are still users who are not entirely sure about making the move to iOS 7, whether it’s because of the new interface, compatibility with their applications, etc… At iPadizate we’ll give you 5 good reasons why you should upgrade to iOS 7.

1. Control Center, we were waiting for you

Five Reasons to Upgrade your Device to iOS 7Five Reasons to Upgrade your Device to iOS 7

Control Center is in itself more than enough reason to upgrade to iOS 7. This new feature allows a direct access to some of the most used functions of the system such as turning off the WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, brightness or flashlight. Something that iOS users have been demanding for years and that we finally have among us.

2. The new Notification Center

iOS 7 brings a redesigned, more beautiful, but above all much more functional notification center. It now incorporates a new transparent background, to keep you always in context with your content and is divided into three tabs : “Today”, “All” and “Lost”. The “Today” tab is undoubtedly one of the most useful, as it gives us detailed information about the day: time, appointments, reminders, etc…

3. Perfectly organized photos

The new photo application is another app that has undergone a major overhaul in iOS 7. It’s no longer a linear, never-ending gallery of our captures, but the new photo application organizes them into groups, based on where and when the photo was taken.

4. Siri reaches its full version

Siri is now much smarter and more functional in iOS 7. Apple wanted to announce that their assistant is finally saying goodbye to its beta version and is reaching the final version in iOS 7. Now we will be able to ask her many more tasks, like checking the timeline of a celebrity or turning off the Bluetooth on our device.

5. iTunes Radio to discover music anywhere

iTunes Radio is Apple’s long-awaited streaming music service. It works similarly to the Pandora app and allows you to listen to different music stations and create your own. There are stations of all types and for all musical tastes, so we will have no problem finding the genre that suits us best.

As they point out in iPhone Hacks, the new iOS 7 is a new departure for the Apple operating system and it certainly looks good.