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Five questions, and answers, you’ve always asked yourself when buying a Mac in a country other than your own

I’m sure that on more than one occasion when you have told a friend that you are going on a trip he has said the typical: “well you should look at how much it is worth there because I have been told that they are much cheaper”. Nothing new, in some countries, either because of the greater competitiveness or because of different laws, there are products that are much better in price .

Apple itself has a relatively similar price structure in all countries of the world but the rates and especially the currency exchange can make buying a Mac or any iOS product in another country a big deal.

And precisely for all those people who are planning to buy a team outside Spain, this entry is dedicated. Here are some very interesting questions on the subject.

  • What language does the operating system come in? OS X, like many other operating systems, includes several languages with it. By default your computer will come in the language of the country in which you purchased the computer. At this point we have two options to convert the operating system to English. If we know something about the language we can navigate to the System Preferences and modify the language order from the “Language and Text” section. The other option is to reinstall the system. Restart your computer, connect it to the Internet and press the keyboard combination: cmd+alt+r. This will start the system installer and we can reinstall the operating system in the desired language.
  • Can I change the keyboard in the store for my country? This is a rather old “rumor” in which some people claimed that in some stores in New York (United States in general) they could change the keyboard of the computer for a Spanish one. This was true at the time, both for the PowerBook and the iBook (and the first generations of the MacBook Pro) since the keyboard was independent of the topcase and changing it cost a little more than 5 minutes. Nowadays this is no longer done, and if you decide to change the keyboard for a Spanish one, you will not only be charged the price of the accessory (quite expensive depending on the model, especially with retinal devices) but you will also have to leave the machine for a few days in the Genius bar, which is a bit complicated if we are travelling. In some exceptional cases the stores can have machines adapted to other languages, for example in London during the 2012 Olympics Apple stores had stock of computers with keyboards from different countries, although it was somewhat timely.
  • Is the warranty valid in my country? In this aspect Apple is a fantastic company since the guarantees are international and although there are always small peculiarities (such as Europe) or differences between consumer and company, in general Apple’s guarantees are international and apply to all countries in which the company has a presence. Until not long ago Apple only sold the free iPhone in some selected countries, for this device the warranty was limited to the country of purchase, although this is no longer the case and now the iPhone (even if it is free) has an International warranty.
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    Who do I contact if I have a problem with the equipment? The procedures for contacting Apple when we have a problem are identical for any product (regardless of whether it was purchased in that country or not), so if we experience problems with our device the fastest way to resolve it is to go to an Apple Store and discuss our issue. If we don’t have a store nearby, the best we can do is contact Apple Care and explain our issue. In most situations, all Apple requires is your device’s Serial Number and that it is under warranty, the rest is a little more secondary.

  • Can I claim the VAT on the equipment to save more money? In some countries you can reclaim the fees you have paid on that product if you are not a resident of that country. It is a somewhat tedious procedure but if you buy expensive equipment (such as a computer) the extra savings can be considerable. The best thing to do in this case is to ask for help at the Apple Store itself, most of them know the exact procedure (which varies from country to country) and will help us fill out the forms.

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