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Five handmade iPhone bases that will make a difference in your home

Base dock para iPhone 5 de Belkin, o como aprovechar el momento

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Five handmade iPhone bases that will make a difference in your home
Five handmade iPhone bases that will make a difference in your home


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Although Apple has stopped making bases or docks for its devices, something that I really don’t understand since I’m a big fan of this kind of devices and I really find them useful, bases for iOS devices and iPods still exist and besides some that we have shown you at Apple, there is a big market for luxury handmade bases that completely break with everything you have seen. If you’re looking for a dock to sync or simply charge your terminal, here’s a list of some of the most exclusive, strange and peculiar docks.

  • Deli cutting board (58.50 euros). We started with a fairly simple base that we could call almost minimalist, as its creators indicate is based on a “cutting” board with airs of kitchen accessories so it is designed especially to be used in that room and go completely unnoticed.
  • iRetrofone Classic (£155.95). Who hasn’t ever wanted to own one of those classic American phones? Well, thanks to this iOS device dock you can have two things in one, since the dock is capable of connecting to our phone and in addition to charging it, it allows you to make use of the phone features of the phone. Tell me about it!
  • Rides Around Britain. And if the telephone adventure is not enough for you, you must have dreamed of having one of those secret James Bond hiding places in one of the books in your library, because now it’s a bit easier since this base is designed inside a book, so that once the iPhone is placed inside it, we can close the book and hide our device in it.
  • iPhone 5 iPhone 4 Concrete i tray iphone dock Dark Grey (61.50). Concrete finishes are currently one of the design trends that are causing the most furore, a finish relegated to large installations that every day gets a little closer to homes and examples like this make it clear, a base with a lot of design, extra functions as a tray and made entirely of this material. Personally I think it is very nice.
  • Sierra Redwood iPhone 4s Dual Dock (62.40 ?). And we couldn’t finish an entry like this without mentioning recyclable materials. In this case, we are talking about a base made entirely of wood that simulates a log once it is in place.

If you want more ideas, or simply to pass the time seeing more bases, some that even you can make at home, in the Apartmet Therapy web you have some.

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