five great additions today

Apple Arcade is still a few weeks old but it’s already making a lot of headlines: the games included in Apple’s paid service have several features that make them unique. In theoretical terms, all games are available in full , without hidden micropayment systems, for all Apple platforms ( iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS ) for 4.99 euro per month. In addition, we can play with PS4 and Xbox One console controllers as well.

However, there is something beyond the form of the service, and it is the games that include it. The intense and elaborate settings, many of them with tremendously differential factors such as the unique graphics or game mechanics. Just look at the first batch of the catalogue we have available, but there are more to come.

five great additions today
five great additions today

Five new service games have just been officially announced to complement the existing catalogue. Just yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a event in London on Apple Arcade where I was able to try out two of them in person – I’ll tell you my impressions on that in this same list with today’s news.

The five new games that you can try in Apple Arcade start with Hogwash , an action game from Bossa Studios where you start by choosing a side from among these so varied: farmer or pig. If we choose to be a farmer, we will have to keep the farm clean while if we choose to be a pig, we will have to spread mud everywhere.


With this clear premise the game is a lot of fun since has a multiplayer where each side has to make effective its mission. Find a good puddle and make it dirty or clean it in case of the responsible farmer who carries a hose with clean water to leave everything clean.

The mechanics are simple and we get into the role immediately, it is also very comfortable to operate especially with control. The multiplayer mode is tremendously fun and challenging other teams over the Internet is sure to be very popular.

Fallen Knight

The next new game is Fallen Knight , based on the popular horizontal scrolling game with a lot of personality graphics. It happens in the future ( reminds me a lot of the Strider ) and at the end of each level we’ll have to deal with some good final bosses. Important! This game has multiple endings, depending on how you play…


With a similar graphic setting we also have as a novelty the video game Yaga , another Versus Evil action game that uses the legends of mythology to bring us a classic role-playing game with quite peculiar graphics. It includes procedural maps that are dynamically generated, lots of characters and some hidden secrets.


Not all games have to be action games: in Lifelike , we guide a system of particles that use artificial intelligence to combine and create new forms of life, as we guide them through each level. Preferably, play it with headphones: I tried it at the Apple Arcade event and the game experience changes completely.


It’s very relaxing, especially for playing on a touch screen ( the iPad is perfect ) but it also works with the Siri Remote for playing on the TV. The graphics are almost a screensaver in motion and the game concept will be unlike anything you’ve played recently, for sure.

Finally, in Tales of Memo we’ll see a new twist on the classic card memory game: here you fight enemies by solving memory puzzles. The graphics will take you from frozen worlds to lush forests, all drawn by hand. Who said fighting games weren’t good for learning things?

About Apple Arcade we will bring you much more information in Apple : don’t miss either the weekly live appointment we have in our YouTube channel where we will comment as well on these news, among other topics.

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