Five fun facts you may not know about Jonathan Ive


Following the upcoming release of Jonathan Ive’s book that we told you about the other day at Apple, details about Jonathan Ive’s life are starting to come out little by little. And today we are going to delve into five curious aspects that you may not know about.

Five fun facts you may not know about Jonathan Ive
Five fun facts you may not know about Jonathan Ive

Perhaps most curious of all is that Jonathan Ive almost left Apple . In 1997, after Jobs returned to Apple, Jonathan thought it might be best to look for a job elsewhere. Although you may think otherwise, it wasn’t Jobs who convinced him to stay.

It was Jon Rubenstein, Ive’s then boss, who had a rather revealing talk with him that encouraged him to stay and also appointed him as Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple. The first product he designed was a toilet… For a client of the English design firm Tangerine (where he worked).

And oddly enough, its design was discarded because it was too expensive to manufacture. One of his first Christmas gifts was to work for a whole day with his father , Mike Ive who worked with silver. Jonathan has named his father as one of his main sources of inspiration.

He currently holds 596 design and utility patents in which he is listed as the inventor, which is not exactly a low number. Within Apple’s line of succession, first appears after a hypothetical departure of Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO, but this is something he has always rejected.


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