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Five companies Apple should buy now that it has money to spare

As you know, Apple announced today to its shareholders two ways in which they will start to get rid of some of the hundred billion dollars they currently have in their pockets : distribute dividends on a quarterly basis and start a share buyback program. The funny thing is that even though they are going to become one of the biggest dividend payers in the US, these new policies are still going to cost the company 45 billion over the next three years, and that without even touching the 64 billion dollars they have outside the country to save themselves a funny tax bill.

Conclusion: Apple is literally swimming in money . Our colleagues at Xataka have published an analysis of some of the things Apple could buy just by taking the checkbook out of his pocket, including names like Square, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Hulu, Dropbox or even some old glory of photography like Leica or Fuji.

I found the game fun, and although the guys at Joy of Tech already gave us such tempting ideas (you’ll find the strip below) as building a solid gold meditation chamber for Tim Cook, exchanging the glass cube at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue for a giant diamond, or installing anti-gravity motors in their new headquarters, I think it’s something I can also do my bit on.

  1. Senseg. As we assumed, the rumour that the new iPad would incorporate Senseg’s revolutionary haptic system turned out to be a hoax, but that doesn’t mean the technology isn’t real and ready for the general public. If it works as well as they say it will, Apple should not only use it in their next mobile devices but also purchase it and get its exclusivity.
  2. Activision Blizzard. The joke wasn’t going to be cheap, but being able to have the studios responsible for video games like Call of Duty, Diablo or World of Warcraft in your pocket is priceless. Just imagine the possibilities in terms of exclusive titles for Mac and iOS, especially considering the company’s trend in the video game market and the successful precedents of Sony with SCE Santa Monica and Naughty Dog, or Microsoft as Bungie Studios. A cheaper option would be Epic Games, of course.
  3. Lytro. It is estimated that during 2012 around 700 billion digital photographs will be taken worldwide and although very few of them will be taken with Lytro’s strange little camera, his technology could become very valuable in the future: shoot first and focus later.
  4. 500px. Going around the same thing (after all, photography has an increasing weight in our lives), another desirable acquisition would be the 500px, a photographic network that although it does not enjoy the popularity of Instagram, has made many professionals wonder if it is worth continuing to pay for Flickr when there are alternatives as attractive and interesting as this one. Apple could buy it and integrate it into iCloudAperture for what it costs us a Caffè Latte at Starbucks (translating the business figures to other usual ones in our earthly day-to-day life).
  5. The Joy of Tech

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    Temas de interés Apple is in an awkward position with this company: Siri uses its speech recognition system but does not have the exclusivity, so every improvement Nuance makes to its service thanks (at least in part) to the monthly bill the apple has to pay, also benefits its competitors. Siri is currently a quasi-anecdotal feature in a single product (the iPhone 4S) but I’m convinced that in the future it will take on a prominence and importance such as to shake the foundations of Google.


Five companies Apple should buy now that it has money to spare
Five companies Apple should buy now that it has money to spare

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