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Five alternatives to the official Twitter client for iOS 8

Tweetbot 3 (4,49 euros)


Tweetlogix se presenta como una gran alternativa tanto a la aplicación oficial, como a Tweetbot 3, el cliente no oficial de más repercusión . A nivel visual y de apariencia, es totalmente personalizable , aunque con respecto a otros clientes, su diseño no está tan conseguido. A nivel de posibilidades y opciones que presenta, permite filtros para silenciar, guardar búsquedas, modo horizontal, sincronización con Tweet Marker y desplazamiento hasta la última posición, todas con un funcionamiento muy fluido, entre otras.

Five alternatives to the official Twitter client for iOS 8Five alternatives to the official Twitter client for iOS 8

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If you use a service such as email or a social network, on a very regular and intensive basis , and if on top of that the use of this service is part of your job for example, you may need certain functions, which increase the agility in the use of it or which offer us a greater number of possibilities than the official client of the service, thought perhaps for another type of user. This is the case with Twitter, whose official client is more than adequate for the common users of the service, but which falls short of other types of users who are looking for other objectives than simply interacting with their contacts, reading news, information, etc.

Today we present a compilation of the top five best Twitter clients , with which you can replace the official application, and undoubtedly win in options and possibilities.

Tweetbot 3

Tweetbot 3 is without a doubt, the most recognized and popular Twitter client on the market . Its interface is very well adapted to the visual proposal of iOS 8, and among the different possibilities it offers us, we would highlight the view of the images , either those of the profiles or of the own tweets , as well as the synchronization of the timeline through iCloud or being able to customize to our liking the lower buttons . Among other things, we can also change the sound of the various notifications and even the way we do the retweets .

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Echofon (Gratis)

Osfoora 2

Osfoora 2 es uno de los mejores clientes de Twitter y que además, propone en el apartado visual algo distinto, optando por tonos más oscuros que otorgan una imagen bastante elegante del mismo , aunque si nos gusta más uno claro, también podemos seleccionarlo. Su navegador es bastante estable, el visor de imágenes es de bastante nivel y una de las cosas más llamativas y a destacar son las posibilidades de interacción que podemos realizar sobre los retweets .

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Echofon is one of the alternatives to the official Twitter client that bases its raison d’être on speed and greater agility when performing different actions . Its interface is clear, clean and quite simple. Also in its use, it shows off this simplicity, allowing us to reach all its options and possibilities very easily. In terms of multimedia, we highlight its integration with services such as Instagram and YouTube and the possibility of viewing images at full size directly. It is also worth mentioning possibilities such as tweets of more than 140 characters , or being able to access all your Twitter accounts simultaneously .

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