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First Whatsapp images for iOS 7 filtered


The developers of Whatsapp may have been the laziest of all the App Store . With the new iOS 7 redesign that was presented during the last developer conference, the vast majority of applications have seen themselves groomed to settle in more with the new system environment. To a greater or lesser extent all developers were making aesthetic changes, some even making more profound changes to their applications.

First Whatsapp images for iOS 7 filtered
First Whatsapp images for iOS 7 filtered

And finally, when some of us (including myself) had thrown in the towel regarding Whatsapp, the first images of how the new general aesthetics of the application could be were filtered. Nor do we expect an integral change in the mechanics of the application, but simply a “re-styling” of the entire environment of the application.

In the iOS 7 version of Whatsapp you’ll miss all those background textures and buttons that seem to take you back to iOS 6 for counting with a white background, some user icons in round instead of square, something very similar to what Tweetbot already did. This has all been jumped on the official Whatsapp translation page. Little more will be seen in the new version, no new features or improvements are expected from those already in place. It is not known when it will be released, but seeing this “slip” on their website, it is to be assumed that the wait will not be long, only (perhaps) Apple’s approval remains.


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