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first video resistance test

The Apple Watch is officially out and the first buyers are already receiving it. And what happens when Apple launches a new product on the market? That the Internet fills up with all kinds of reviews, unboxings, performance tests and, of course, resistance or torture tests .

In this case the first Apple Watch resistance tests have not taken long to arrive and we can already see some of the popular YouTube channels such as TechRax or Cnet.

first video resistance test
first video resistance test

TechRax is known for the hardness of its tests: shots with high-calibre automatic weapons, flamethrowers, knives, boiling water, freezing… and many other tests that have been carried out over the last few years on different products from Cupertino’s firm. With the smartwatch they were not going to be less and, on this occasion, they have selected an Apple Watch Sport (the most basic model) to do the first test: the drop test .

There is no denying that the device does not come out very well . At the first contact of the screen with the ground, it is completely shattered. After this fall, the device receives a few more blows until the screen comes off the device. To its credit, the metal casing resists quite well to constant knocks against the floor.

It is possible that the breakage of the screen at the first blow was caused by chance, since in other videos we have been able to see how the clock endured several falls without any damage . For example, in the following video shot by CNET, we see how the clock has been subjected to more resistance tests, several falls and how it withstands the falls much better than in the case of TechRax.

CNET has put the Apple Watch Sport in cold water, boiling water, soaked in various sauces, thrown on the floor several times, trampled on, resisting all these tests . Finally a clash with a cast iron frying pan was the one that ended up with the screen of the device.

What do you think of these videos? Do you think they’re really necessary? They are certainly examples of the resilience of devices that many of us may end up buying, so they are welcome from us.