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First SeriesYonkis Clone with .sx Domain Appears

After the removal of links, the first clone with domain belonging to the Caribbean island of San Martón appears

It’s been nearly two weeks since the SeriesYonkis and Películas Yonkis portals decided to remove all their links to movies and series for no apparent reason. While we wait for an official statement from the company, there are some who have already taken advantage of the great gap left by two of the leading reference websites in this type of content to create an exact clone of it .

The new clone is an exact replica of SeriesYonkis , but it is under the domain ” sx ” instead of ” .com “. This domain corresponds to that of the Caribbean island of St. Martin, so those behind the maneuver are most likely from that same source.

First SeriesYonkis Clone with .sx Domain Appears
First SeriesYonkis Clone with .sx Domain Appears has the same series and movies as the original, as well as the same organization and popularity rankings. However, to avoid possible confusion and legal problems, the lawyer Javier Prenafeta of Burn Media SL, a company to which SeriesYonkis and Películas Yonkis belong, has hastened to declare that the new website has no relation whatsoever with the original .

Burn Media SL may take legal action against for copying the original website

Naturally, the lawyer has announced that he is seriously considering taking legal action against the new page because it is a clear copy of the original. In spite of being a practically identical copy, the new site still does not have all the links to the series and movies , as well as the sections Movies, Adults and News that we do find in the original site.

In addition, we can see that the SeriesYonkis clone does not have any type of advertising on the web , but nevertheless they do have the spaces enabled for the banners that the current portal incorporates. Everything seems to indicate that they are waiting for the website to be completely finished before they start introducing advertising.

As the Economist pointed out, the reason for the removal of links remains a mystery since, despite the fact that the company is currently involved in legal proceedings , it has not received any kind of order from the latter to cease the activity of its portals, so everything seems to indicate that it has been a completely voluntary manoeuvre.

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