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First resistance test of the new iPhone 7

The resistance test is undoubtedly a common practice in the world of mobile devices. After learning about the sales success of the new iPhone, as well as all the features and functions of the new Cupertino terminal, we only need to know what the response to physical resistance tests is like.

Resistance test for iPhone 7

The first to take the step was the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. A guy well known on the net for being the one who put the different devices on the market through very hard tests. We attach the video at the end of the article.

First resistance test of the new iPhone 7First resistance test of the new iPhone 7

One of the tests to highlight is the resistance to scratches with the key on the back of the device. After subjecting the new iPhone 7 to different scratches, the results were quite positive, as they disappear when you pass your hand over the case. On the other hand, if we test with another sharper object , obviously the marks will be reflected in the terminal , as Jerry demonstrated in the video.

In addition, the glass of the camera as well as that of the flash does not resist the attack of a cutter either, since it is also damaged by the action of the blade. It should be noted that the screen is scratched to a certain degree. As you can see in the video, it can even withstand level 6 scratches, so the screen of the new iPhone 7 is resistant to small scratches from not very sharp objects.

Can the new iPhone 7 be folded?

Let’s emphasize that at no time did Cupertino’s people warn that such a model of the iPhone could be bent. After the test, the results showed that when bent, the back of the terminal separates allowing the protection from water and dust to be exposed. Thus we can say that it is slightly resistant to small twisting.

Finally, after analyzing the different resistance tests, we can determine that the new iPhone 7 presents a similar resistance to the other competing devices. Apparently, the iPhone 7 would be able to withstand minor key rubbing, although we shouldn’t trust it either, as it is still a rather delicate terminal.