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First moulds for iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus filtered

The rumours of the new generation of the iPhone have not stopped coming out in recent months, and today the first moulds of the iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus have been leaked on the net which would be used to make various cases and accessories for these new models that will arrive in September. Are we looking at a new fake or are they real moulds?

A few days ago we saw a concept of the iPhone 8 in a model that didn’t seem very reliable, since anyone can make one if they have knowledge about it. This model has been commented by Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero in a video that you should not miss and that I leave you with.

First moulds for iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus filteredFirst moulds for iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus filtered

But this time we are not talking about a simple model but about a mold used in factories to make the covers of these terminals, since it has the exact shape of this device. The image in question that we are talking about I leave it to you below to judge for yourselves.

Possible moulds of the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 | Source Leaks

We can see the cases of the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models, which correspond to the rumored three models that we will see for sure in the month of September . These moulds would be used to make new cases and accessories for the new models. The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus seem to be still conservative, but the iPhone 8 stands out for its vertical camera, a rumor that is becoming more and more common and possibly a reality.

But , isn’t there anything that misses you in these images? The iPhone 8 is very similar in size to the iPhone 7s, although somewhat larger. But this may be because the screen of the iPhone 8 or X will be the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus, so the size of the chassis would be considerably reduced.

In these photos we can’t see much more , not even know if the Touch ID will occupy the back or the front of the terminal, something that keeps us expectant. All these doubts will be solved in September.

Leave us in the comment box all your thoughts about these possible moulds, do you think it’s a real leak or will it just stay a fake?

Source | Softpedia