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First iOS 10 Jailbreak comes to iPhone 6S with SoC TSMC

The wealth of new features that iOS 10 brings to all of its update-compatible devices makes it almost impossible to resist applying it to our iPhone or iPad . From its revamped home screen, to the integration of Siri with third party apps, the new iOS version is packed with new ready-to-use features.

However, it is not all a bed of roses, and the fact that the update brings many new features, too implies an increased risk of a bug appearing in the update . In many cases this is a misfortune for the users, and in some others, luckily for the Jailbreak users, who as you know, take advantage of these security holes that Apple leaves behind to give free rein to their iPhone or iPad.

Yalu Jailbreak Beta now available for iPhone 6S and iPhone SE

First iOS 10 Jailbreak comes to iPhone 6S with SoC TSMC
First iOS 10 Jailbreak comes to iPhone 6S with SoC TSMC

A few hours ago, Luca Todesco, announced through his Twitter a new patch for Yalu , his solution for the iOS 10.1 Jailbreak. Thanks to it, we can now “free from their prison” the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE, provided they have a SoC made by TSMC , something that you can check right here.

After the launch of the iPhone 6S, it was discovered that Apple had entrusted the manufacture of its SoC to two different companies, Samsung and TSMC. This caused some turmoil, which was compounded when alleged differences in performance were found. Now, we found another important difference, and that is that at the moment only those manufactured with the second one are compatible with the Jailbreak in iOS 10.1 .

Waiting for a stable version

It should be remembered that this is a developmental version of Jailbreak, so there may be major errors when running it . From iPadizate we warned you once that the developer himself was not able to ensure a stable operation of it, in fact, does just the opposite.

Therefore, it is important that you are completely sure of what you are doing when you install it, and that you bear in mind that it may force you to restore your devices. Having said that, if you feel brave enough to do so, go ahead and install it with the official files, and it won’t take long.