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First impressions with the iPhone X arrive in these videos

A few hours ago, we showed you on Apple 5×1 the first unboxing of the iPhone X in Mexico , but there have not finished the videos, as YouTube has continued to emerge several lists with up to 3 very interesting videos with experiences of use with this new terminal, showing us the new features closely. Here we show you.

The first of the videos we have seen on YouTube, is a review of the main features included in the iPhone X such as animojis, ARKit technology and in general how easy it is to use this terminal and the great experience it is transmitting to the users who are using it.

First impressions with the iPhone X arrive in these videos
First impressions with the iPhone X arrive in these videos

The following video, also from the same user shows the new way of unlocking the terminal as Face ID. In this video, we first see the initial setup of the terminal which is quite simple and then the unlocking process which has never failed.

What struck me, and which I hope can be customized in the options is that it is necessary to give a touch to the terminal to be able to access the unlocking screen , and then a swipe on the screen to access the applications. I hope that just looking at it will open the home screen without having to scroll with your finger except for a tap to turn on the screen . Basically like now with the Touch ID, we just have to press the Home button and that’s it.

We are already looking forward to having you in our hands to make you from Apple 5×1 our unboxing and to be able to show you all the functionalities and give you a review from our point of view, which is always much better than relying on videos of people to whom Apple has provided the device before time.

Leave us in the comment box if you’re waiting for this terminal to arrive at your hands and try out all the new things it brings, as well as enjoying a new design, at last.