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First images of the iPhone XS Max with dual SIM in operation

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Ricky Fernandez

First images of the iPhone XS Max with dual SIM in operation
First images of the iPhone XS Max with dual SIM in operation

Posted on September 19, 2018 – 15:48

One of the outstanding features of the new iPhone XS is the ability to use two phone numbers. In the case of China, the iPhone XS distributed there will be able to do so with two physical SIM cards , while the rest of the countries will share the traditional SIM with an eSIM.

In the case of Spain, the only operators with the capacity to operate with an eSIM are Orange and Vodafone, where they are also the only distributors at operator level to establish an LTE connection independently in the Apple Watch, both series 3 and 4.

This is the first iPhone capable of supporting two phone numbers , so it is quite strange to see the configuration itself, as we can see in the following video shared by Ben Geskin on Twitter

As we can see in the video, the upper right side of the iPhone XS Max shows the operators in rows. In the inner menu of Settings, you can check how the data of them appears. Of course, we have the possibility to use two different operators without any problem.

The possibility of having two phone numbers in one terminal, allows us to travel to other countries with a local operator, also avoiding having to carry two phones, one for work and another personal . It is true that Apple is not a pioneer in this, we could say that it has been one of the last ones to incorporate this novelty for the iPhone.

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Another possibility, although a little bit more farfetched, could be the possibility of hiring a phone number with the essential data to use our Apple Watch LTE Series 3 or 4 . As long as we do not want to change our personal operator number.

Next Friday 21st the new iPhone XS and XS Max will go on sale, so we will be able to test them. Something that is still too curious and from which we will try to solve all the doubts about it.

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What do you think about the incorporation of a double SIM in the iPhone?

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