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First games in Apple Arcade testing uncovered

Little by little the expected launch of Apple Arcade is approaching, the new service of games for iOS, macOS and tvOS that will offer us an interesting catalogue of video games to enjoy on our computers in exchange for a monthly subscription. The first lucky ones have already been able to enjoy this service thanks to the trial period that Apple opened to the company’s employees. Since 9to5mac have also had access to this trial and have published an interesting video where s e show us the first games that are already part of Apple Arcade .

At the moment the rumor is that Apple Arcade could end up arriving with iOS 13 in September or October at a price of $4.99 per month although we can enjoy a trial month. This is interesting since we don’t know the quality of the games that will integrate this service, something crucial to determine whether or not to pay monthly.

First games in Apple Arcade testing uncovered
First games in Apple Arcade testing uncovered

In this video that has been published in the YouTube channel since 9to5mac and that we leave you with below, you can see that in the Apple Arcade section of the Mac App Store there is a list of all the games available. S implements we must access the tab of which we want to see all the information of the same as well as the corresponding captures and right there we can download it and the shortcut will appear in our Launchpad as one more application.

One of the games on this platform that’s in the testing period is Way of the Turtle which is a platform game whose story is based on a turtle that sets out on a journey to find his wife who’s lost, something that is definitely reminiscent of the legendary Mario Bros. game. On the way we’ll pick up coins but the movement may be a little strange to what we find in other platform games.

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Another game that has been seen on this platform is Kings Of Castle , which is basically an adventure game that takes place on an island. You start with an 8 minute timer in which you have to explore as fast as you can in search of stones and keys to solve the story.

Frogger in Toy Town is based on the original Frogger game that is sure to ring a bell. It is based on helping a frog to move from one end of the map to the other by simply moving up and down over all the obstacles that we encounter as cars. No doubt this is a classic that will make our idle time much more entertaining

Hot Lava , a parkour game in which you must do everything possible to avoid touching the ground. This involves climbing up platforms on the map, holding on to ropes, going around the edges of the elements present… As time goes by the speed of the game becomes more and more complicated. Without a doubt this is a game that is best played with a controller and that will provide many hours of fun and surely some biting with friends.

Sneaky Sasquatch is an action, adventure and tension game in which you take a person who must search for food at a campsite. Obviously on the map you are not alone and there are people who don’t like to see you wandering around the camp, so you must be very quiet to avoid being caught by the rangers who are watching.

Down in Bermuda is the greenest game in Apple Arcade since it is only known that we are in an adventure game starring an aviator who begins to travel across the Atlantic that is his dream.

We are still far from the 100 titles promised from Apple that we would see in Apple Arcade although there is still time ahead and this is a simple test. We will have to wait until September which is the official release date to see what they have in store for us.

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